Assets is a full year program that helps individuals transition to work. The program combines in class instruction with coaching and also a matched savings program. The savings program enables you to save up to $900 in the year.

The modules  include:

  • Life Skills; goal setting; coping skills
  • Financial literacy; Banking; Budgeting; Credit; Assets; Consumerism
  • Taking Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Values/Morals/Ethics
  • Professional and Assertive Communication
  • Asset Mapping
  • Employability skills; reading; writing; research; resume preparation
  • Job shadowing


Savings will be matched at a rate of 3:1 for up to $20 the participant deposits per month. This translates into $80 per month and $960 over 12 months. Savings can only be used for goal attainment and must be agreed to by the A$$ets coordinator and Loan Fund manager. For those who have met their savings goal and enrol into another Loan Fund program, such as Enterprising Women, the participant can continue to enjoy matched savings for the duration of the program.


Asset mapping based on the five asset areas of the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework is a key component of the program, with three points of asset evaluation; at the beginning of the program, mid-program and end of program. Like savings, the participant should see an improvement in their asset map. Below is the map of all participants from the first program. The blue is the start and the red line is the finish of the program.

The five assets are human, social, financial, physical, and personal. Human assets include: health, education, employability, etc. Social assets include: political literacy, social networks, mentors and peers, etc. Financial assets include: stable income, savings, financial literacy, bank account, etc. Physical assets include: house, car, safety, etc. Personal assets include: self-confidence, optimism, sense of identity, etc.