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In response to COVID-19,  we are here to help with any questions you may have about managing finances, understanding what benefits are available to you, changes to your income during this time. Send your questions to darlene@loanfund.ca or join the discussion with Darlene live on Facebook every weekday at 3:00pm.


Money Matter$

A Free 5 Module Program designed to help you understand and control your financial world.

One on One Sessions offered on:
Student Loans
Home Ownership
Youth Finances
Volunteer Income Tax Program operating year round

For more information contact Darlene at 506-652-5626 or darlene@loanfund.ca or fill out the form below.

Black Book© Expense Tracker

One of the key tools in our program is the Black Book ©. It is used to track your income and expenses for a month so you know what you are spending and can create a realistic budget based on your personal goals. There is a monthly draw for $25 Giant Tiger Giftcard for anyone who completes and hands in a Black Book!

"I am debt free, I brought my credit score up and bills are always paid on time."
-Christina, Money Matters graduate, 2018 Judi Chisolm Award Recipient


 We started delivering Money Matter$ in 2004 after realizing that loans are not a magic bullet, people needed the right skills to manage money to pursue their goals, and ultimately build a better future for themselves and their families. We deliver most of our financial literacy training through a partnership model, inserting modules into other training offered by partner organizations.


Most of our classes are delivered to clients of our community partners, including: Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work - Youth to Future; Coverdale Centre for Women; Crescent Valley Resource Centre - Teen Vibe; District 8 High Schools - PACE Workroom; John Howard Society; Key Industries; Kings County Family Resource Centre; Multicultural and Newcomers Resource Centre Youth; North End Community Centre - CALP; SJ Learning Exchange - BEST; TRC - Independent Living; and, Vibrant Communities - Catch the Wave.

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In honour of our former colleague and Money Matter$ Coordinator, Judi Chisholm, and to promote the importance of financial literacy month, the Saint John Community Loan Fund launched the Judi Chisholm Financial Literacy Bursary in 2013.  Learn more.


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