Money Matter$ is a training course designed to help you understand and control your financial world.
Individuals can sign up for a course at the Hub, or you can take the program from any one of our partners.

What you learn
learn about your physical, financial, human, social and personal assets, and create a plan for growth
learn about interest rates, account types, financial institutions, service fees, and your banking needs
learn about your needs and wants, setting goals, tracking expenses, and creating a budget
learn about how companies market to you, what your triggers are, and how you can fight back
learn about your credit report, managing credit, and repairing debt

Black Book© Expense Tracker
One of the key tools in our program is the Black Book ©. It is used to track your income and expenses for a month so you know what you are spending and can create a realistic budget based on your personal goals.

Additional Modules
Pay Day Loans; Student Loans; RESPs; Home Ownership; Youth Finances

For more information, to register for a course, or to order a Black Book© Expense Tracker, call 652-5626, send an email to gary or fill out the form below.

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