Social Purpose Real Estate

Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) refers to property and facilities owned and operated by mission-based organizations and investors for the purpose of community benefit, and to achieve blended value returns. Our vision is to continue to find opportunities to build SPRE either on our own or by assisting others to do so.

133 Prince Edward Street

In 2007, the Loan Fund purchased then renovated 133 Prince Edward Street;  a three unit building, with a ground floor pawn shop and two abandoned apartments above. The Loan Fund made the ground floor its office and created two quality affordable apartments above. The Loan Fund moved out in 2016, and have rented it to Atlantic Human Services, a company that provides employment services to newcomers, with special attention to the Syrian refugees.

For more on 133 Prince Edward, please go to Program History.

139 Prince Edward St.  - Social Enterprise Hub

While renovating 133 Prince Edward St. it became clear that we could leverage much more by purchasing vacant lots next to us and constructing a building that could accommodate more enterprising organizations.  The Hub, is a three story building at 139 Prince Edward St. with approximately 15,000 square feet of space.  It brings together enterprising non-profits, social enterprises, and micro-enterprises, all working to scale enterprise and innovation to build inclusive communities and reduce poverty. Together we have begun to develop a collaborative culture that includes space sharing, equipment sharing, event development and hosting, as well as staff sharing and joint venturing on enterprises and new project proposals. To view photos of the construction process, please go to our History page.

To  rent space, learn about our tenants or look into our events please go to our Hub page here.


Donations and investments help finance skill building, enterprise development, employment creation and neighbourhood renewal.  Volunteers can help with networking, opportunity development, marketing, mentorship, accounting, strategy, and vision.