YES Program

Youth Entrepreneurship Success Program (YES)

Each summer the Loan Fund runs a fun, interactive learning program with youth in the community to build skills through entrepreneurship. Using an experiential learning approach, kids play games to increase their knowledge of business and entrepreneurship, come up with their own product ideas, and eventually develop a product thatís ready for sale. Over the course of the program the youth develop public speaking skills, practice teamwork, flex creative muscles to develop fun marketing strategies, and work on their skills in persuasion as they sell their products to the public. Finally, they get to grapple with the math of business as they look at the cost of goods, margin, and finally profit; which if they have some, they share! We spend time exploring what a social enterprise is and how there are many different types of businesses, from recycling to making cookie dough, and how you can give back to your community.

Most YES Kids get involved with the program as a part of their day camp activities at the SJ Boys and Girls Club or Nick Nicole Center. These programs run all summer, and allow the YES Coordinator and kids to meet once or twice a week. We also do a full week camp at the YMCA's Glenn Carpenter Center. If you are interested, you can give us a call or contact either of our partners.

For more information, please call 506-652-5626 or email


Donations and investments help finance skill building, enterprise development, employment creation and neighbourhood renewal.  Volunteers can help with networking, opportunity development, marketing, mentorship, accounting, strategy, and vision.