Micro Loans since 1999

We've been making small loans to help people create income and build assets for 20 years.  If you are looking for financing to start or grow a business or social enterprise, return to work, go to school or build affordable housing - we're here to help.


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✔ Are you 18 or older

Do you live in southern NB?

Have you tried and been unable to get a  loan elsewhere?

Do you have three good references that are not friends or family?

Can you afford monthly payments?

Can you demonstrate the loan will improve your income?

Business & Social Enterprise LoanS

✔ Take a business course (hey, we have one)
✔have a completed business plan that demonstrates knowledge of the product or service
✔have a marketing plan with customer profile and test marketing
✔have your financial actuals and/or projections
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 Loans can be used for anything that can help you get back to work; tools of trade, vehicle, short training course
Must have a signed confirmation of employment or evidence of a high probability of being able to secure employment
Provide a description of all the costs
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To develop affordable housing and commercial non-profit spaces in priority neighbourhoods and communities.


Must own a property and or have an identified property and value
Must identify use of the loan
Must have a business plan with construction costs and post construction cash flow
✔ Must demonstrate the capacity to carry out development and then manage property
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Fees, Loan Decision Process and Timeline

Each loan carries a low administrative fee and an interest rate of the current prime rate plus 3%. Loan decisions are made by a committee and can take up to one month to process depending on your ability to provide all of the necessary information. Employment and Affordable housing loans take, on average, 2 to 4 weeks to process and approve. Business Loans can take up to three months or longer to approve, depending on whether the business plan is finance ready or not.


For further information, please fill in and submit the form below, or call call 506-652-5626.    * Our loans are not  for emergency purposes. If this is your situation, we will refer you to another agency which might be able to assist.


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