Our first loan as a micro lending organization was in 1999. That loan financed Eco Timber, a Saint John River log salvaging company. It helped one person create income, and begin to build assets. Marco Theriault went on to start an antique shop, and was the first winner of the Uptown SJ Heritage Awards.

We have made more than 250 loans since and added other tools for achieving success; financial literacy and enterprise training; matched savings;  and developing affordable quality office and living spaces. Over 4500 people have gone through programs that have helped them build the confidence and skills necessary to return to school, return to work, or start a business.  

1990-2021 IMPACT

5800 people building skills
$556,694 loaned
$3 million invested in Social Purpose Real-Estate
183 people back to work
165 businesses launched/assiste
99 people returning to school
✔92 people in better housing
✔155 people built savings to buy assets for self-reliance

To learn more about our impact, click on any of our Annual Reports, or check out some of the Success Stories  of our amazing clients.